Sunday, April 26, 2009

More lil town

A couple weeks ago I posted some photos from a webcam at home [hoping I'm allowed to steal those..]. I was telling my parents how you can spy on the neighbour - there's a car and a veranda in the bottom right corner.

I had a look at the webcam again a few days ago and what do you know, you can no longer spy on the neighbour! Maybe someone figured out it wasn't the best idea to put it up there for the world to see? Like if you wanted to walk around your veranda naked?

Anywho, I'm amazed to see how striking the difference in the green is - grass, leaves turn green practically over night these days. And there's a feature that lets you see all the photos put together [no English translation on that one yet].

Being able to see the the clouds and the fog move, and the changes throughout the year (and the weird thing that happened March 19th) is amazing - I'm impressed.

I miss my little town already!

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