Monday, February 04, 2008

The Party..

..was a success - a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot to clean up afterwards. I realized 50 drunk people can make quite a mess, although it definitely could have been much worse.

It seemed everyone had a good time - some new people but mostly the same old - some of us have lived here since they built the place (I know, we're getting old!). It's usually the same people who show up every time there's something going on.

In a way I understand - when you're new here, you don't know anybody and it seems like everybody else knows each other - and you're not the most social person to begin with - it's hard to make yourself attend parties. You're worried about getting left alone in a corner, looking all sad and pathetic. I know, I've been there. I guess it was just easier for us who moved in here at the same time - we were all new, no one had lived here, or in Bergen, before - we were all in the same boat.

But at least came seemed to have a good time. And I shouldn't have worried about music - I had compeletely forgot that certain people can't be expected to have the patience to listen to a CD for an hour without changing it. Some people brought their own music, and once I caught a guy reading the labels I'd but on the unmarked ones. I did good :D

We stayed till 3:30am and I was throwing away some trash and picking up some bottles when a girl came in. I can't claim to have been quite sober myself but it wasn't hard to see this girl had gone through a bit more alcohol than I had. She came in going "oooh you're here alone! Let me help you!" So she held a plastic bag while I put bottles in. She then found a jacket (although not quite able to figure out what was up and down), was all happy because she didn't know she'd left it, and sauntered off. People do get kinda funny when they're drunk...

I continued cleaning up Saturday morning before going to work, and in the evening when I came back. I've got six big bags of bottles and I have to find a way to get them to the store. A mountain of pizza boxes went out into the recycling dumpster and pizza crusts were everywhere. I don't quite understand that - the crust is my favourite part on pizzas you buy (as opposed to the ones you make yoursef) - I like them crunchy.

But the worst part of cleaning up was, as always, the beer bottles. Or rather - the beer bottles that aren't quite empty. Rather than bringing them over to the sink two at a time, I find a glass to put the contents in - a rather nice mix when there's different types of beer, cider, soda and wine. And it stinks. There's nothing like a room stinking of beer when you're hung over. But it takes less time and means I could get out of there faster.

Work on Saturday wasn't exactly fun. I'm just glad I managed not to puke on a costumer. But hey, it was definitely worth it!

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