Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Tuesday Morning

7:00 In bed
I'll get up... soon...

7:30 On the floor
I'm up! I'm up!

7:35 In the bathroom
BANG!! <-- Thunder 7:40 My room
Lights blink, it's completely dark outside for a couple minutes

8:06 My room
Leaving for my lecture, starting at 8:15

8:13 On the bridge
Wait a minute... [slowing down] Wasn't there something about us not having lectures one of these weeks?And was that the week we were writing our paper? Because that is this week. Which might mean there is no lecture today.

8:20 Lecture hall, Social Sciences building
Door is locked. No lecture today? Crap! I woke up at 7 for no reason??

8:21 Lobby, Social Sciences building
I was supposed to go to the library to get a book that's waiting for me, and I was going to buy a book I need for my paper. But nothing opens until 9. I'll go to the computer lab and check out when the library and the shop opens. I didn't bring any books since I was going right back home to work on the paper.

8:25 Computer lab
As always it takes an eternity to log on..

8:30 Computer lab
A very long eternity...

8:32 Computer lab
No one else can sign in either...

8:35 Different computer lab
I'm all alone here. Let's see....

8:40 Same different computer lab
Nothing works!! What do I do now, just sit here?

8:45 Still same different computer lab
Hmm... I got a two week old paper I can read...

9:03 Hallway outside computer lab
Finally it's 9!

9:05 Ground floor of building containing library
Library opens at 10. Good thing I got to check out the opening hours at the computer lab first. Not!

9:15 Book store
Got the book!

9:45 Back home, online

  • 05.02.2008 Logon problems. Due to power outage there are problems with logon to My Space this morning.
  • My Space is temporarily unavailable. Check your e-mail and My Space.
  • All central systems have been stopped.
    - All central IT systems have been down due to power outage, email is still unavailible.

9:50 Back home, still online
This means I can't find out if today's lecture really was cancelled, I can't see if Thursday's lecture is cancelled and I can't find the paper I'm supposed to be writing.

9:51 Still online
Maybe I'm psychic but I actually downloaded the assignment last night.

I really should have taken the big bang in the bathroom this morning as a sign not to leave the house.

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