Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another Ixus

Because of the funeral I suddenly only had a few days to find a new camera instead of a few weeks. My old Canon Ixus v3 started getting messed up a year ago, and worked on and off until March. Now everything is black and purple and nothing works anymore.

Knowing how it can take me half an hour to decide what shoes to wear, you might imagine the difficulty I've been having here...

Since I only had a few days and it had to be shipped yesterday I just had to go with something simple which still wasn't a waste of money. Since the black Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S980 was nowhere to be found (at least not in time), I decided to go with a Canon Ixus 95 IS instead.

Right now I'm tracking the package through the postal system and if I'm lucky I might even have it tomorrow.

With an 8GB SD-card I can't wait to start taking a million photos!

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