Sunday, July 05, 2009


...and how to climb them.

The getting up early... The climbing steep hills with our parents leading the way... It's like following a train - no matter what you do or say - it won't stop until the time table tells it to.

But - it's way better that my family likes hiking than sitting in front of the TV with their TV-dinners. That sorta thing has never, and will never, happen around here.

I love the climbing. I love the jumping from rock to rock. Never knowing if you'll break a leg when you land (wherever you land). I love being up there, smelling the blueberries, the trees and the grass. The only sound you can hear is the stream, the water passing by. And the cows and the sheep. Like a gentle lullaby.

Going with the family is a lil bit stressful. Going alone is boring.

I think I need someone in as bad a shape as myself...


  1. ...The Ballad of Chasey Elaine

  2. dynamittfaen - Great, I'll bring lunch and meet you by the big tree at noon tomorrow!

    RB - That could be interpreted a few different ways...


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