Sunday, August 15, 2010

A tiny Festival in a tiny Town

Judging by today's headache, I seem to have had a lot of fun last night.

Nice people, nice music, nice weather - and entertainment consisting of a guy playing a grand piano, and watching a game no one seemed to agree on the rules of.

It's quickly becoming a tradition - a music festival they call it, far up the valley one summer night in August. Although fewer guests than last year, it seemed everyone had a great time.

Including me - except when I at one point got stuck between four women talking about the size of their butts for twenty minutes(!). Fortunately  I was rescued by a couple guys who had no interest in butts. At least not in talking about them.

All in all a great night - even down to the half hour walk home at 5am with a bunch of people in various stages of inebriation, two of which fell four feet into a ditch and seemed to think it better to sleep there than actually get up and go home.

Now if only I could figure out where my earrings disappeared off to...

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