Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing around

When we're kids we play around; we're police and robbers, pirates, we build tree houses and pretend we're in the jungle. Every fantasy becomes reality... we're someone else for a couple hours - and it feels real.

Then we grow up, and the fun and games are moved to the bedroom. Role playing feels natural to some, but most people can't seem to relax. Reality is so real, fantasy never can be. We pretend with feelings, little lies, not with fun and games. We feel stupid. And awkward.

When did we lose the ability to pretend?


  1. We lost it when those who lost it before us passed the notion of responsible reality down to us.

    I'd like to pretend I'm a hero, swooping in to save the day from time to time. But nobody wants a hero in the bedroom. They want bad boys, bikers, and make-believe rapists (some do, anyway). Shining knights are a sign of naivety, and that's where I lost it. There's no sizzle in pretending to be something nice, so most girls go to play with someone else.

    And there's the problem. I can pretend all I want, but it takes two to play.

  2. That's why I felt young again when ever kids are around. When you play pretend with kids, we feel young again and remind us of our pretend days. Go get married and have kids and be young again. ...... advise from a mother of two teenage sons!

  3. Geoff - But sweetie, you are nice! By pretending to be nice you wouldn't be pretending at all, you'd just be yourself. Unless you have scenario in mind, where you're the hero rescuing the girl or something?

    I do find it puzzling though.. how women today want men to be more soft.. almost feminine, in a sense, outside the bedroom, yet expect them to hold onto their masculinity like never before when in bed. It would be like telling a woman she could be strong and outgoing at work, but had to go back to being shy and embarrassed almost, in the bedroom.

    It's almost like we want the man to have two personalities, yet we complain when the men want us to be more feminine too.. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been offended at being told I can be too direct.. it's not easy when you're supposed to be confident in general, but then you're supposed not to be in certain situations... Maybe we don't need to play dress up to pretend at all?

    Aries - I'm not sure if the answer to having more fun in the bedroom is having kids.. not for me anyway, but thanks for the tip! :D

  4. SV: Ja, det er akkurat det jeg mener også. Så mye fint og orginalt også velger de de.... Blir utrolig spennende å se hvem som vinner.


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