Monday, August 16, 2010

I've been peed on.

Flying ants. In my shirt. Bad day not to wear a bra.

I've been peed on before. Last year, trying to take some photos of blueberries or something similarly pointless, I looked down only to realize my foot was covered with ants.

Not wanting to leave before I'd taken the photos, and of course I wasn't wearing shoes, I got peed on by about a dozen ants. I had the red marks, covering half my left foot, for over three months.

Although last time was.. let's call it unpleasant, this time felt different. It was instant, sudden; like someone stopping me short and tightening every muscle in my body, every fiber in my being directing its attention down my shirt. Something, somewhere was making it hard to breathe.

Turned out I'd got peed on. Still hurt like hell an hour later. Fortunately, aloe vera gently massaged on once in a while did the trick.

The patio gets invaded by these creatures every evening at sunset. I probably should cover up more tomorrow, but knowing myself I probably won't.

I wonder if it hurts more or less if it happens twice...

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