Wednesday, November 26, 2008

East African Guys

Why didn't anybody tell me they were so damn cute? No wonder I never liked Norwegian guys (and they never liked me) - there's so much more out here!

The guy from Rwanda
He was cute, I liked him. I wanted to trust him and my instincts were shouting "Nonono!". Unfortunately they were right - he was so pushy it wasn't even fun, and a little weird, and when he realized the girl wouldn't sleep with him (because he was way too 'hands on' from the get go), he went all quiet. Then he regretted his decision (they always do) but then it was too late. Way too late.

The guy in class
He's fun and I liked him from the start. He's always smiling, you can see it on the back of his head and hear it in his voice that he's smiling, still it took two months before we started talking about more than school and how my culture is different from his culture. Unfortunately, this is where the Ugandan hospitality may play tricks on you - he took me back to his sister's place and he keeps saying he misses me and really likes me - the problem (my problem) is that people here are so friendly you never know when they mean "you're fun, let's be friends" and when it's something more than that.

The guy at the internet cafe
There are two guys - one friendly and one cute (why does it always seem to be that way?). The cute one reminds me of one of my cousins and I have no idea why. He's kinda... I would say cocky, but I don't think he's like that, he just seems that way. It's a curse I guess, just like people always used to tell me I looked sad when I wasn't.

The tour guide
I met him on the street outside the hostel. He said he'd seen me walk by so many times and finally had to come and say hi. He's a tour guide of the national parks and Kampala, and he took me to all the places I wanted to go in the city. We went to a crafts market and went back and bought way too much stuff... I'll have to go back there... He says it's his task to make sure I experience as much as possible so I don't forget him, which is good, but I don't really like being seen as a "job", Something you have to do (not "do" do... well actually that too...). I'm kinda starting to like him though... (which is good considering what you might read into that last sentence).

And then there's all the other guys, in my class, in the shops, on the streets, that I just talk to but have never really got to know. They're from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo... Basically all over East Africa. There are a couple who have the most amazing eyes I've ever seen - I don't know, it might be the contrast between their dark skin and shining eyes. I'm really rather starting to enjoy being the "odd one out", then again I'm used to that. I'm strange, I know, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

And finally.... all the guys who come up to you (when you're walking on your own) to tell you they want to marry a white chick, they want a European woman, "I love you", I want to make mixed-colour babies, "I want to make an Obama"(!). Don't let their good looks fool you, their pick up lines are somewhat lacking...

I don't wanna go home!


  1. Lol! Won't be surprised if you managed to snag one to follow you back home ;)

  2. What, I only get to keep one? :P

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    did u do do?

    the sleepy

  4. I did do.

    And somebody help me - they keep getting cuter!

    Who knew guys from Congo could be this gorgeous?? I guess the French accent doesn't hurt (although I thought I'd be immune to that)

  5. What? One not enough? ;) U gotta leave some behind for other girls to take home u know ;)


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