Friday, January 25, 2008

Party and CDs

In preparation for the year's first house party, for which I am responsible sinced the paid resident assistant will no longer be paid, or an assistant, it is I, as a volunteer elected (unpaid) representative who will have to do all the dirty work.

Yesterday I dug up half a six-month-old mouldy pizza from behind a picture frame in the back corner of the common room. That wasn't too bad. What was bad was the box of dressing, emptied, hardned and green. Not surprisingly, I just followed the smell to find it. Gross.

Among my responsibilities is ordering pizzas (15), finding chairs (50 - we're hoping for that many, there are 157 of us in the building), cleaning the room in preparation and - as I recently realized - to my horror, finding music for the party. The good thing about all this is I don't actually have to do any of this. I just should.

But, naturally, there's no party without music. I remembered how people tend to burn and bring cd's downstairs so I went down and checked. I found;

1 CD marked "Daft Punk - 'Homework'" (I do not know what that is)
1 CD marked "Eww" (burned, no idea..)
20CDs unmarked (all burned)

Now I'm going to have to go through all of them to try and find out what is what, what can be used and what is crap. Imagine how easy this could be if people marked their CDs... Rather than just burning and leaving behind - write a name, a title, something that might indicate what is on there. It's almost as if someone think I have nothing better to do than spend a Friday night checking out 20 greasy, filthy CDs.

Oh, and I have to get toilet paper. And napkins.
People better show up at this damn thing or I'm gonna be so mad....!


  1. Daft Punk does not sound promising...actually it sounds like it might be painful to listen to!

  2. Homework is considered a classic by any self-respecting music snob, but it's alright if you're into repetitive, yet subtle, dance music (or should I say electronic, techno, etc?). It's pretty good actually.


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