Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lil tip

DON'T have funerals in January.

If you find it inconvenient storing a coffin in your living room waiting for January to pass, please advice your loved ones not to die in January, this coldest month of the year.

I'm sure they'll understand.


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    January is a winter month in the nothern hemisphere however it is a summer month for the ones who live on southern hemisphere. So the phrase "the coldest month of the year" is not very correct. Assuming that you have a world wide reader, i felt to correct this.

  2. I knew this one was coming.

    And my answer is simply - most of my visitors - by far - are from the northern hemisphere. In fact, most of the land mass on Earth lies in the northern hemisphere.

    Just like I've adapted my template to work best in IE simply because most visitors still use IE. That doesn't mean I don't approve of those who use Firefox - in fact, I use it myself.

    As for those who aren't from the northern hemisphere, I choose to believe they understood my point, even if you didn't.

    - Final warning-


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