Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time to freak out yet?

8 days till my first exam.
I have an eight hour one on Thursday and one lasting five or six on Friday.

After exams I'll be working two weeks, before going home.
I haven't been home since Easter, and it'll be fun to be back there.
Only my parents have redecorated. A lot.
I probably won't know I'm home.

I'll also attend four pre-Christmas parties (Norwegian : julebord) in two weeks.
The first is this Saturday.
Two will be on a boat. We'll be celebrating my mother turning 50, and my aunt's husband will be 60.
We'll be lots of people and we'll be going to Germany and back.

I have to buy new shoes as I don't have dress-up-and-look-pretty-shoes.
I have no time to go shopping.
(never thought you'd hear a girl say that, did ya?)

Another few days and my eye will start twitching..
At least I'll survive no matter what happens.
That's become my new mantra when it comes to exams.
..I'm not sure that's a good thing..


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    You are a smart girl, you are hardworking, you are beautiful(I don't know this but you say you are friggin beautiful so i should trust you), you are passionate, you know what you are doing (You have shown such an impression on me) Drink carrot juice for your eyes baby. I haven t ever dated with a norwegian girl what a miss for me :((

  2. I'm friggin beautiful? You're butchering such a, well, beautiful word by adding something like "friggin" and you're giving me the blame?

    And, yet again, I believe I've asked you to leave me alone. You've done so well at not being rude (although the number of your daily visits is still alarming), please don't screw it up now.

  3. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Hey sorry if i used a word wrongly, but u say u are friggin adorable, and i thought friggin is a good thing, that s it. I didn t understand what u want me to do with "don t screw it up now"


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