Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heia Brann, Heia Brann!

Easter is over and The Guy brought me along to my first football match ever!
(that's soccer to you foreigners)

He likes saying it was my first football match, as if I don't know anything about the sport.

I think it makes him feel more like a man... and maybe he thinks it makes me more of a stereotypical woman if I don't know much about sports. I believe it has been quite a while since he learned I'm not a stereotypical woman, but that doesn't keep him from dreaming!

Anywho.. the team is Brann and in Bergen it's mandatory to be a fan. The opposing team was Strømsgodset and the result? 3-1 to Brann. Of course.

Now all they need is to keep up their winning streak for, oh, another six months (this was their second game this season). Then they might win gold in the series. Maybe.

For more pics, among them a lucky one of the winning goal being scored (took me a while to figure out where the ball was), check out appleshots.


  1. cindy9:06 PM

    Apples generally they call the starting shoot as strike not streak hmm? err.. But good that u liked watching the soccer , ehh well for me soccer is a sucker , but not always i complain about succers, there are cases that i like it. Wind blows the ball in matches.

  2. You really should learn how to use a dictionary, it would make things so much easier for the both of us.

  3. cindy2:34 AM

    if u say yes to me then i can even buy an electronic norwegian speaking translator :D only if u wanted that :P


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