Monday, April 23, 2007

Annoying visitor

When someone is writing unpleasant comments on your blog and refuses to leave you alone, what do you do?

I'd love to delete the comments but I just don't do that. I can't bring myself to censor people. Rather than continuing to ignore this problem, I've now decided to face it.

So what can I do.. Ban this particular person?
- Can't do that. He's even posting anonymously (which is chicken shit behavior if you ask me)

I could ban anonymous comments.
- But that would exclude other people as well, people I don't want to exclude. Plus he'd only get himself an account.. or twenty.

I could ban everyone from Turkey?
- Not possible.

I could stop responding to his comments.
- I've tried that and if anything it only got worse.

Up until now I've just asked him to leave me alone and hoped it would eventually work. Apparently it hasn't. Until now I've also said I prefer not to delete anything and rather have some annoying people from time to time. But this is getting a little too much.

How does someone end up being like that? A person like that? You know people don't want to hear from you, you know people don't like you, but you still come back again and again. Can't people take a hint? Even when I've said "please just leave me alone" numerous times?

This is my blog. I shouldn't have to dread publishing posts because I know I'll only get some incomprehensible comments, way outside the point of my post, criticizing something or other. I know it doesn't help to explain what I meant or what I'm saying because that will only lead to more comments from a person with whom I already do not wish to communicate.

So what do I do?
Apart from murder (he's too far away) I can't think of anything that might help.

It's just getting too pathetic.
I wish he'd realize that.


  1. this is your place, so delete the comments silently

  2. I could of course, but if I start deleting comments because I don't like the person who comments, what's next?

    Deleting comments when I don't agree with them? Removing things because someone asked a question I don't like?

    Where does one draw the line between cleaning up the mess and silently removing your critics?

  3. cryingme7:43 PM

    Bye Bye apples!!! I won t talk to u anymore nor post a comment on ur blog! no more! don't hurt me anymore! I leave u alone in ur playground! No one loves me :~( I only thought that u were beautiful but u are not!!!

  4. Good lord.

    Somebody just shoot it already and put it out of its misery.

  5. Maybe you can approve the comments before publishing it? Some of my blogger friends are doing that because of some hostile comments.


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