Friday, September 15, 2006

Rune has a worm in his foot - and it bites!

During a vacation in Kenya this summer, a worm crawled inside an open wound in Rune Myra's right foot. Now it's been crawling around there for severals weeks.

15 year old Rune Myra from Kristiansand, Norway was in Africa with his family this summer. During a diving trip Rune recieved a most unexpected guest. A small worm crawled inside his foot, like taken right out of the X-files. It's been there for a month and a half.

"It's eating it's way through the foot and lives off my flesh and blood" Rune tells TV Sør.

He and his family believe the worm is a parasite of the type strongloides

Rune didn't notice anything at first, but after a few days he noticed something unusual. First he and his family thought it was only a rash. But after they came back to Norway the 'rash' had changed into a 5cm (2 inches) long line. Rune went to see an expert of tropical diseases.

"He said it wasn't dangerous as long as it didn't go into my blood stream, which was unlikely it would do. The doctor wouldn't operate on the foot and instead gave Rune medication which will kill the worm. When that has happened, it will dry out, and fall off.

"I think it's pretty dead now, really. At least I can't feel it much any more." But it hasn't been like this the past weeks.

At first it crawled around on the upper side of the foot, then it worked its way down the under side of the foot so Rune has had to step on it.

"I think it got a little annoyed. I didn't feel it much in the beginning but when it came under my foot I noticed it was a little mad and it bit me. So I had to use crutches for a while."

"But isn't it a little creepy to have a wandering worm in your foot?"

"Hehe... No, not really. I think it's kinda cool" the 15 year old tells VG Nett.


  1. pixiechick179:31 PM

    An Orm? What is an Orm i wonder, seems like u have made a little error on that title. The guy still has a smile on his face despite of the worm. If he walks then poor worm might die.

  2. Forgot an W, thanks for reminding me :)

    Should be clear from the text it was supposed to be worm tough.

    And yes, poor worm might die. We kill worms for fun, it's like a hobby, get them in our feet and step on them for a few months.

    *evil grin*

  3. dixiedick11:26 PM

    Hmm Dixiechick pointed out a good point. Woow is that you swinging on the swing? Nice baby she is, can you introduce her to me?


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