Monday, September 11, 2006

Madrid Fashion Week



...will they ever learn?


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Yeah u are right, when will these model girls learn wlaking? Loook! how weired her knees look in the second picture! They try to walk by shaking their ass to both sides and fyrthermore these model girls are very skinny, as a guy i like to feel some fit slender babe.

  2. Erm... excuse me? Is it any wonder girls starve themselves when they've got people like you tearing them apart for... their knees??

    The Fashion Week in Madrid has actually recieved a bit of praise this year - they refused to include skinny models in the show. Now naturally these girls are thin, slim, slender, but they don't have bones sticking out all over. They don't look sick.

    And it was the clothes I was commenting on. Not bodies.

  3. You want to see some twisted, fucked up knees? You can see mine.

    As for the clothes, not bad. The second one would fit nicely under the "101 things to do with a burlap sack" category.


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