Monday, September 11, 2006

Is this Autumn?

Wait a minute...

It's 9pm.

It's dark outside.

It's dark. At 9pm.

What?!? Why?? When did this happen? When did autumn sneak up on me like this? Where have I been at 9pm the past weeks?

I've seen the yellow leaves, and the orange ones falling from the trees, but this...

This is disastrous. I'm going to track down whoever is responsible and demand an explanation!

...or at the very least a flashlight...


  1. nonamenofacenonumber9:39 PM

    Why is that disasterous? Don't you like long nights, reading ur book infront of a fireplace and enjoying the lonelyness and romance by the fire? Or if u are not a romantic person then perhaps u will like to spend ur time by clubbing, u sounds like a clubber girl...or maybe u are the 1st type that i described.

  2. Your constant nick-changes are rather confusing... Why don't you use... Turkish Guy or something - that way we can all recognize you. And your own style of writing.

    Other than that, I'm afraid I am neither romantic nor clubber. Loneliness does not tend to be something one enjoys and I don't think the people owning the building would be too happy about my trying to build a fireplace in my room...

  3. Tjalve12:04 AM

    It can't be autumn. It's nice and warm outside, at 11 pm. It feels like a slightly chilly summer night, and it makes me want to sleep outside.

    Yes, ok. It's a little dark, but it definately don't feel like autumn. Autumn is three months of continuous rain, and temperatures around 5-10 degrees. So this can't be autumn.

    As for when it eventually becomes autumn, in a week or so, I guess, I got a fireplace. And I can keep you company.

    That way you can enjoy an autumn storm the way they should be enjoyed. That is being inside and looking out at them. And you can be in front of a nice fireplace together with someone, and maybe having a nice cup of cocoa as well. If nothing else, it beats being outside.

  4. noromance12:12 AM

    I'm sorry to hear that, in a country like norway, which is covered by snow almost 9 months a year u can't have the pleasure of reading your books in long cold nights infront of your fireplace :P ,a beautiful and talkative girl like u can manage to persuade her building owner i suppose :D. Besides that i am just not a romantic person to use the same nick all the time because i forget my nicks as i forget the names of my darlings ....

  5. Say what?

    in a country like norway, which is covered by snow almost 9 months a year haven't been here have you?

  6. roadrunner10:39 PM

    No i haven't been to norway, hmm less than 9 months? My geography was one of the disasters in my school... No problem as far as there is a hot girl like u in that cold country. :P hey no missunderstand No is not norway here

  7. Tjalve12:35 AM

    Reminds me of a saying in northern Norway. "If the ice on a lake can carry a man on midsummerday, you know it's going to be a late spring".

    And a couple of years ago, when they got a lot of snow up there, a rather wellknown guy in Tromsø (a city in norther Norway) said "A couple of hot summers, and the snow should melt away".

    But we don't have that much snow in ALL of Norway. Most places it's less than 2 meters deep. In most of Norway we can even see the sun for an hour or two every day during winter.


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