Monday, April 18, 2011



I've been so busy lately I've started messing up, breaking keys, forgetting to lock doors. Not good!

A week off sounds just right, I thought I'd have more time a couple weeks ago when I was home alone for a week, but no such luck. One day I worked eleven and a half hours - not so unusual for a lot of people, but very new to me.

What I don't like about Easter is having to go skiing. I fear I'll be more wobbly than usual this year, because something I am looking forward to is happening the night before - a show put on by the soccer association. If I've ever been to one of those, it must have been years. Can't wait!


  1. Can't believe I wrote "soccer"...

  2. h0h0h0h0h03:35 PM

    appples easter is long gone where's tha next post?!?!?!? < 3
    we luuuv yooo have a nice weekend :PPpPp


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