Thursday, March 11, 2010

Massage Boys

No, I'm not thinking of Thai ladyboys, which might be the first thing that springs to mind.

I'm thinking of the boys that spend their teenage years following pretty girls around, catering to their every need, talking sweetly to them, calling them cutsey names and - you got it - massages them. In class, during seminars, lunch breaks, in line for the bus, gym class - anywhere.

Then they spend the next eight years complaining about how girls see them as friends and not as dangerous, sexy, masculine men.

I hate those guys.
I hate even more those who don't seem to grow out of it, those who keep behaving that way even when they've long since become grown men with jobs, suits and fancy cars. And simply don't understand why puppy dog eyes and complete obedience doesn't make them attractive and sexy.

Sure, sure - people are different and some guys are more feminine than others. Our gym classes painted a fairly nice picture of that the times we got to choose what we wanted to do. After they were done massaging we usually divided into two groups - the girls wanted to play volleyball, the boys wanted to play floor hockey. Inevitably, a couple girls wanted to play hockey with the boys and a couple guys always played volleyball. The massage boys, of course.

Me, I always played hockey with the boys. It's the one thing I miss about high school, getting to run around and actually be fairly good at something in gym. And I didn't really hate seeing how annoyed the boys could get whenever I, a girl, snatched the balls from between their legs (no pun intended).

I won't say I'm not a feminine girl; I love wearing skirts, new makeup - I read the chick lit, love kittens, will squeal if you tickle me , and I hate my hair. But I've never been the "pink all over, unicorns and poetry" kind of girl. So maybe what it all comes down to is... it's just weird seeing guys who act more like a girl than I do. Especially when they themselves don't understand what it is they're doing..

.. and that most girls are looking for a boyfriend, not a little sister.


  1. Oooh, some gay guys would take off their earrings and gloves and scratch the heck outta you for this post. :p

    I, obviously, would watch the cat fight from afar.

  2. Nah. I'm scared of you! :D

  3. gustaf7:03 PM

    haha fin post eg vil bli sånn massageboi :D


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