Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Mysterious Jeans

My mother came storming down the stairs and into my room a few days ago. She was all serious like and demanded to know if I'd had a guy in my room the previous night.

Now, you may wonder what brought this on, as I did, since my parents are not very likely to mind if there had been a guy in my room. But there had not. Then where did the jeans come from?

My mother had been folding clothes when she found a pair of jeans which did not belong to anyone in the house. Whose were they? The most entertaining solution my mother could think of was that there had been a guy in my room and I'd kicked him out in the middle of the night.

I said that might have been fun, but sorry, it didn't happen. My mother did not give up, instead she asked if this guy was someone I didn't want to see again (or admit to be seeing). I told her the truth,
"Mum, I think that if I'd kicked a guy out in the middle of the night, without his pants on, in half a meter of snow and -17C (1.4F), it's more likely that he's the one who won't be wanting to see me again."
At that, she could no longer keep a straight face. She did really wonder where the jeans came from though, perhaps we have a flasher in our midst?


  1. i think ur mother really care about u, i hope u already find who have the mysterious jeans he2, btw nice to know u :)

  2. gussetuss3:25 PM

    that's pretty funny actually :))

  3. @Ahmad - We're thinking the jeans belong to my brother, who strangely refuses to admit ever having seen them before..

    @gussetuss - Funny and kinda frightening.. you should have seen how mad my mum looked at first! :P


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