Thursday, December 11, 2008


Walking along the road to the hostel, back from Ground Zero, a reggae club here in Wandegeya, J and I are talking about going to the zoo in Entebbe this weekend, when I feel something at my shoulder. Then there's someone tugging at my bag.
Instinctively my arm locked over it, I remember thinking "Wallet, key and I really like this bag so you're not getting it". The guy pulled on the bag and I pulled on the straps (I still can't believe they didn't break). He'd pulled me off the road and off my feet, I was still not letting go of my bag.

It can't have lasted many seconds before J managed to chase him off. When the guy was standing a few meters away, reluctant to give up but realizing he wasn't going to get this one, all I could think to do was shout "You ruined my new skirt!" (which must have seemed kinda funny to people around - a guy's trying to rob you and you're worried about your skirt getting dirty).
A man came and said the would-be robber must have been following us. He obviously wasn't expecting a fight.

I have a few cuts and bruises on my arm, leg, shoulder, side and butt (no, you're not getting pictures) but nothing too bad. I'm just glad my instincts said "fight" and not "give up". Like most girls, I do think about what I'd do if someone tried to snatch my bag, and remind myself to hold onto it, but this time I was anything but prepared. I didn't have a chance to think, I just knew what was happening.

Still, I don't even want to think about what would have happened if J hadn't been there - I guess he kinda saved me. I've never been saved before...

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  1. Glad that u managed to keep your bag. And even more glad that u're ok despite the incident.

    If someone's gonna snatch my bag, I'm just going to let them. I've read news where the mug victim played a game of tug with the thief but fell down and hit her head on the pavement. She died from her injuries.


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