Friday, May 30, 2008

Weird crime in Bergen

Stole 15 jackets

While the residents were in the appartment, thieves sneaked in and stole 15 jackets from the hallway.

The theft was to have occured on Nyg√•rdsh√łyden tonight.

Several of the jackets are supposed to have been expensive, and three of them have a total value of 12.000NOK (2300USD).

Police does not yet know who is behind the theft.

I think the most expensive object I own is my laptop. Four years ago my parents paid my brother 5.000NOK (1.000USD) for it and gave it to me. Then again, its value today is close to zero.

The most expensive piece of clothing I own is a pair of pants from a few years ago that cost 600NOK (120USD) and which I don't wear anymore as they were worn out years ago.

The most expensive object of current value I have is probably... my camera... but again, it's 5 years old and the value is next to nothing. So I guess my my external hard drive (a MyBook). Two weeks old, worth about 900NOK (580USD). The most expensive piece of clothing must be a pair of shoes - about 400NOK (80USD).

What I'm trying to get at here, apart from the fact that I sound either very poor or very cheap, is: who the hell wears 4000 kroner (800 dollar) jackets and manages to lose 15 of them?!?

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