Sunday, May 18, 2008

Salmon Sausages

Norwegian company Mills have just launced salmon sausages. They also make salmon burgers and a couple other things. 65% of the contents are actually salmon, which makes me wonder what the remaining 35% are....

Now... my being a sucker for whatever is new, tastes good and is seemingly good for you, I just had to try these things out.

The sausages are supposed to taste just like regular sausages. Just like the burgers are supposed to taste like regular burgers. According to my boyfriend, they actually do taste like regular sausages. According to me, they smell like:

"Not necessarily samon, but fish smell as in "now we've been out rowing in a tiny boat for four hours wearing our wellies and getting soaked. We've caught some big fish and now it's around midnight, we're going home to cook fish and 'fresh liver'.""

In other words, salmon sausages might smell slightly odd to you, but to me they smell like summers when I was a kid. It really is true that there is nothing that takes you back as much as smell. Whether it is flowers, the ocean... or, for me, the smell of freshly caught fish.

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