Friday, March 28, 2008

Jailed for microwaving his daughter

Where there is new technology, there will be new ways of torturing and killing people;

A US jury has sentenced a young father to 25 years in prison for burning his infant daughter by stuffing her in a microwave and turning it on for up to 20 seconds.

Just before putting her in the Galveston hotel-room microwave, Mauldin had punched the then two-month-old child and placed her in the room's safe and refrigerator.

Prosecutors said Mauldin hurt his daughter because he was angry that he was in a loveless marriage.

They also said Mauldin had a history of violence and of lying about being mentally ill to get out of trouble.

But defence lawyer Sam Cammack III said Mauldin has been wracked by mental illness since he was 10.

Mauldin claimed he started hallucinating when he was left alone in the hotel room with his daughter, feeling like mud was running up his body and consuming him.

When Ana [the child] was injured, Mauldin and his family had just moved to Galveston, Texas from Warren, Arkansas so he could become a preacher.

Crazy people...

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