Sunday, March 23, 2008

Giant Snowman

Hornindal is in the news for the second time in two days.
Today, this guy is the reason

It's five meters tall and was made by Ingeborg (6), Silje (4) and their father Olav Helge Svår. He says they made the balls first, then hoisted them up on top of each other with a tractor.

The eyes are two logs of wood, the mouth a part of an old warning triangle, and the nose is, naturally, a carrot - put in place by the father who was lifted up by his wife and the tractor.

We can see it from our living room window and it does seem to have shrunk a bit the last days - even though we did have -13 degrees Celsius last night.

It has to be said this one is quite a contrast from the little snowmen in Bergen last year.

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