Friday, September 24, 2010

Kitty's wet day

"A hungry kitty stood by the river's bank when a bread crumb came along. The kitty reached out, caught the bread crumb, and ate it. Then a slice of bread came down the stream. The hungry kitty cat did the same thing - it reached out, and it ate the the slice of bread. Then half a loaf came down the river. The pussy cat reached out... but then it all went wrong; the pussy slipped, and landed right there in the river with the bread...

The moral of the story is... the bigger the loaf of bread, the wetter the pussy!"

...weird aunts make for awkward and amusing entertainment on Facebook...


  1. Eeee the photo of that wet cat is horrible. Should be for horror movies.

  2. Why, I think it's adorable!

    The only thing that should be in horror movies would the person trying to get a cat wet in the first place - that is never a pretty sight.. :p


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