Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's as warm at midnight as it was at noon. It's just as light too. The only difference is it smells better. I don't know why, but the warmth of the night (and it does feel warmer at night) brings with it the most amazing flowery smells.

Maybe it's the quiet, maybe it's the light at midnight, maybe it's just magic. I don't know. Somehow the world smells better at night.. and I'm sure there's someone way smarter than me out there who knows exactly why :)


  1. Ironically its midnight when I am reading this!! No smells now but back in my college days we had a lovely tree (never found out what it was) right outside where I lived which had these amazing flowers that smelled awesome at nights. Guess u might have some in the vicinity too!! :)

  2. I have often wondered why that was at well. We're in Texas and I like to go walking or jogging at night and the air is so sweet smelling.

  3. Turns out there's actually a very logical explanation that deserves its own post :P


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