Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've always thought they were kinda fun to read, although I also always forgot what they said as soon as I flipped over the page. I don't believe in horoscopes and I think we find things that fit and things that don't in all the twelve signs - if only we bothered to read them.

It must have been almost ten years ago I read my horoscope for the coming year. It said I would have luck in money games the next 7-8 months so now it was time to go all in! I kinda lost respect for them even as entertainment when I read that, and couldn't help wonder who sponsored the horoscopes in that particular magazine..

I do still read them when I find one in front of me, a situation I'm finding myself in now. The summer horoscope is out and my mum's magazine was opened on its pages. I flip through to mine, wonder where the Libra is, what it will say about my summer. These are the hightlight; (and since reading about my life isn't all that interesting you can go to the bottom of the post to find your sign)
  •  Something extraordinary will happen on or around July 30th, August 7th and September 18th
  • From the middle of July an important two year long period of my life will start
  • People from the past may suddenly reenter my life
  • Venus, Libra's own planet and the planet of love, will be in my sign in August and early September
  • Something great pertaining to love will occur between August 7th and 11th
  • As far as work goes, if I feel I am lost or at a dead end, this summer the planets are perfectly aligned and I will get sudden and unexpected opportunities
  • The eclipses on June 26th (moon) and July 7th (sun) will bring with them growth and freedom
  • The autumn will be a dynamic period, my expenses will rise and I shouldn't waste money on unnecessary luxuries 
Looks like I'll have quite a busy few months!

I usually check my sister's horoscope when I check mine, she's born in April and our signs are exact opposites.. or pairs.. or whatever. It seems the signs on opposite sides of the zodiac often have similar qualities and events expecting them - they are said to have some sort of bond between them.

Surprise surprise, it turns out the eclipses will be important for the Aires too, as will the weekend around August 7th. If I looked through the other signs I'm sure I would find similar.. shall we call them coincidences? You'll always find something that fits.

Now let's check back in a few months to see which of these predictions were anywhere close to the mark. I have a feeling those who believe in that sort of thing might be rather disappointed..

These horoscopes were by Penny Thornton who 
runs the site where you can check 
out what your summer is supposed to bring :)

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  1. I used to be soooo into horoscope reading back in my teens. A magazine used to be publish this weekly horoscope reading set, and I would religiously collect them. It was pretty interesting and surprisingly had quite a bit of calculation involved.

  2. SV: Ja det var akkurat det jeg gjorde også. Kjempe ekkelt!

  3. Gjorde hva?

    ...I never will figure out how Norwegian bloggers comment (the "SV:" bit).. For some reason it seems to make sense to leave answers to comments on completely unrelated posts, without actually reading the post, without linking to what you're talking about, without saying who you are, and to top it off - by writing in a different language than the blog itself.

    This is behaviour I have never observed with anyone other than young, female Norwegian bloggers. And to tell you the truth - it's starting to piss me off.

    No offense Kari - I'm sure you meant well..


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