Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Blue

Yesterday I had a conversation on chat with a guy I don't know.
It went like this;

blblue: hi
apples: hey
apples: how's life?
blblue: good and you
blblue: i have a little bit of a cold so being lazy today
apples: going good here. almost a snow storm outside so haven't been out all day :)
apples: where ya from?
blblue: usa
blblue: u
apples: norway
blblue: ah cool
blblue: how old are you?
apples: 24
blblue: 27male here
blblue: are u norwegian by blood?
apples: I'm... norwegian in pretty much any way someone can be norwegian
blblue: well i know there are muslims in norway and they are not norwegian
apples: there are christians in pakistan, does that mean they're not pakistani?
blblue: im talking about blood
blblue: you fuckin moron
blblue: i dont care about religon
blblue: religon is for the weak anyway
apples: yeah... I'm gonna pass on this conversation
blblue: Real Scancinavians are Nordic
apples: lighten up and have a nice evening
blblue: not muds
blblue: later loser
blblue: u piece of trash
blblue: lol
blblue: get a brain and learn that it morning here in usa
blblue: u dumbfuck

You meet the weirdest people out there...


  1. aaah... another ignorant american. they don't know much about things that happen outside their country huh? ;)

  2. I know I'm usually the first to make fun of Americans but... they're actually not so bad :)


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