Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone stole my phone!

On my birthday!

I was walking along, looking for the market, when I decided there were so many people around I needed to put my phone inside the zipper of my bag (as opposed to in the side pocket over which I held my arm).

When I looked for it, it was gone!

I loved this phone, I never really wanted one in the first place but when I'd spent a month researching and decided on that one, and I got it for Xmas, I absolutely loved it - it was the nicest phone you could ask for. And now it's gone.

I got a new one, decided to go with the sleeker, more expensive one rather then the more bulky, cheap one. Now I just realized this one won't have Norwegian language so I'll have to get a new one anyway. *apples is having a dumb day*

I'm trying very hard not to think of everything I've lost - my photos and text messages I tried to save before on my laptop before I came here, and I think I succeeded (it wouldn't really cooperate). But all the phone numbers, the games (I had a really good one!), the recent messages... the music, the..... oh I really don't want to think about it :(

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