Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Renting out my room - part II

As I wrote in this previous post I'm trying to rent out my room.

I've had some progress but I've also had a couple of set backs. Let's start from the top.

Possible Tenant #1
First days of April
She left a message on the Facebook-group of the student apartment building. She wanted to rent a room, and she seemed very nice. She wanted to see the place, I gave her a few days and times I'd be home, but she never showed up.

In the middle of May I sent her a message, asking if she did want to come. She then replied that she should probably have told me, but she'd decided 5 months was too long and she couldn't promise to stay that long. Seven weeks in she'd changed her mind, and not thought of telling me.

Possible Tenant #2
Middle of June
I put an ad on Facebook and got a response. This girl couldn't come to Bergen to see the apartment, but that wasn't absolutely necessary. She says she's very interested, but after a few days I get an email saying "It's only for five months??", admitting she hadn't read the ad properly.

Two and a half months in I'd had one changing her mind because five months was too long, and one because five months was too short.

Random Possible Tenants
Early July
I'd put an ad on hybel.no and got about 15 responses the first day and had to close it down. Some I had to rule out but I was left with about 10 possible. Two girls called and wanted to see the apartment, I arranged to meet them last Saturday, and also listed it as an open viewing in the ad. The girls didn't come, the only ones who did were the parents of a guy who'd told them to go, but not where it was.

Possible Tenant #3
Middle of July
After much deliberation I decided to go with the guy whose parents I'd met, even though my gut told me to go with another guy who was in Germany at the moment (but was from Norway, not too far from home). I decided to be on the safe side - it felt safer to choose someone I'd get to meet first, and whose parents had already been here.

Last Thursday I sent emails to all the others telling them that "I'm sorry to tell you I've decided to go with someone I'll get to meet first." I sent the guy an email on Friday but didn't hear back. Today, Tuesday, I called him. He was in a cabin and *snort of laughter from him* hadn't got my email. "Oh yeah, and I've decided to rent another apartment. Bye."

If I hadn't had such a hard time deciding between the two guys, I should of course have got a 'Yes' from someone before I said no to the others. Lesson learnt.

I immediately sent off an email to the guy who is (or was) in Germany, and hopefully he'll want to rent it. In a way, I did get my wish. I'd just told my boyfriend last week that "I've chosen this guy, but I hope he says no so I can choose the other one". I guess you really do need to be careful what you wish for...

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