Monday, October 15, 2007


applestories is 3 years today, and I'm two decades older.
For once it doesn't feel weird to have to get used to a new number - for some reason I seem to have got used to it long before it was time. It's just like every January it's difficult to remember the new number, but some years it's more difficult than others.

I know I've been neglecting the blog for a while, I've literally been too busy to sit down and relax the past month or so. Hopefully life will be a little more predictable (although a lot more busy) the next few weeks, until exams in the end of November. I'm starting a new course tomorrow which means twice as much to do, but I'll be working less so somehow I'll survive.

Gotta get some sleep, my contacts are killing me..


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Annie, I hope your birthday was wondeful, long time now huh?,I anted to send you a picture of Pugsley MK 2 but I dont know if you got my emails for your birthday, crappy pc, anyhows babygirl I still love you heaps and look for you at times when I am online, enjoy your day beautiful, love and cuddddddddddles Big Ted. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I know this is kinda late... but .. Happy Belated Birthday to both you and your blog! =)

  3. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Happy birthday for October 16 2017 Annie, have a wonderful day my old aupair, miss seeing you a lot. xxxx


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