Thursday, March 22, 2007

My hormones are going haywire.

The past two weeks I've been going around calling everything cute. It's real bad already and it's only getting worse.

I've recently found myself calling bad pick up lines cute. And cars. And computers. And the Swedish word for software (mjukvaran)!

If I didn't know any better, I'd think I were pregnant.

Somehow I must have overdosed on oestrogen..

Oh and btw.. did you know there was a page called That's a little too much even for me.. Got a few cute pics though...

Ew! Cute! See what it's doing to me?!


  1. you're so cute when you do that. :)

  2. Anonymous11:51 PM

    "Cute", I love this word! Beware to not fall in love with your computer... :p

  3. suzanna10:21 PM

    Apples , 4 days later we will have a match ,but i won t come to norway to watch the match instead on i ll be watching it on tv. What will be the score?

  4. The game's in Germany, not Norway.


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