Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice on the Run

I was at the school today when, just after 1PM, they came to tell the kids to put on their boots. The river was getting so high with snow and ice, we might have to evacuate.

An hour later the principal came and said they were closing the school early. Some kids were supposed to stay till 4.30, but two hours before that everyone was out.

The seven year olds said they were "all tingly" and had "butterflies in my tummy" - quite understandably. But then the teachers started getting worried, bringing their coats, fetching their car keys - just in case. Maybe not too strange, considering what the river looked like at the moment.

It might be wrong to say so, but I find the whole situation rather... entertaining. As long as no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little action. Finally something's happening!

And I definitely think it's better for the kids to think of this as "exciting", rather than "scary" - nothing good is going to come of that. As the seven year olds and I agreed - nothing truly bad really happens in Norway; no floods, no hurricanes, no earthquakes.

And nothing at all ever happens here!

( if just to prove that last point; as soon as I'd written it the danger was announced to be over, and it's business as usual tomorrow)


  1. I thought most kids that age would think of stuffs like these as adventurous or exciting rather then scary. Maybe it was just me.

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Nolifer ass, sitter å skriver svada hele dagen i håp om at folk skal lese det.

    Legger inn denne meldingen slik at du ihvertfall får noe å bryne deg på. For det er vel det du er ute etter? Kverrulere kverrulere og kverrulere.


  3. Aries - Adventurous? Maybe... But you gotta admit it has to be scary for a seven year old when the grown ups get worried and the school evacuated :)

    "Anonymous" - Tror du har forvekslet meg med en "rosablogger". Et innlegg i uken tror jeg ikke kvalifiserer som å "skrive svada hele dagen". Sjekk ut - der finner du nok det du leter etter.

    --> Translation: Some guy accusing me of "writing nonsense all day". The "nonsense" I might agree with, but the suggestion that I write posts "all day" will probably amuse the regular readers :P

  4. It's strange how we grow from fear to fascination.

    I used to be paranoid about tornadoes as a kid. We don't get them often here, but maybe once every five or so years, there's a really bad one.

    Nowadays, I'd love a chance to try and photograph one up close.

  5. write more often apples :D
    or come say hello on msn sometime <3


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