Friday, May 07, 2010

The Horror of Alarms

I thought I'd left the car alarms behind when I left the city. Unfortunately, something seems to happen every spring and summer; new people come to town. Tourists, friends, relatives.. they come here from other parts of the country, they park their cars, and they turn their car alarms on.

Car alarms don't work here. Well.. they work.. a little too well, to be honest. Which is why they don't work - in the sense that you can't turn them on. This is the quietest little town ever, and people aren't used to car alarms. Neither are cats, dogs, birds..

Basically - if you turn your car alarm on, it's bound to go off. Usually in the middle of the night and it will keep the neighbours up. What you do then is turn it off. What you don't do is turn the bloody thing back on and go back inside!

When you do that it'll only go off again. In about half an hour. Trust me - I know. Leave it off, you won't regret it. Nobody is gonna steal your friggin car anyway, because nothing bad ever happens around here. Again - trust me. I know.

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  1. haha, you're right. people just turns it off when they produce that freakin loud noise. we don't use one. i feel that it just makes one "needing attention" to put an alarm. imagine leaving your car in a basement parking lot while u go shopping. duh?! how can u hear it from all the way there?! and you believe other people will care when they see someone opening it..they will just believe that it's you struggling with your noisy car.


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